Over the years my reading habits have changed quite a bit. It is one of my favorite pastimes albeit when time allows. I have an extremely hard time sitting down and reading a book so when audio books started becoming more prevalent and accessible, my book intake took off. The turning point was when audible came out with their app so within seconds of choosing a title it can be listened to anywhere. During car rides, during long rides or even doing "chores" around the house, chances are I'm listening to a book of sorts.

Often times when reading a book I want to make notes about certain things so I can revisit them at a later date. That coupled with my archaic way of keeping track of books I wanted to read in Excel sent me on the hunt for software that could streamline my librarian needs. I found and it had all the features I wanted and more. I like that I can rate books I've read and export my library should the need ever arise. I'm just starting to get my books in Goodreads and will gradually build up more titles as time permits.

Another nice feature of Goodreads is the ability to share bookshelves which I've done below. Many of the books I've read are recommendations from friends. Feel free drop me a line about any of the books I've read or, better yet, any recommendations you have!