I started dabbling in Triathlons over the last few years. In 2010, I competed in my first half Ironman in Branson, Missouri and the following year I competed in my first full in in Panama City, Florida. A few years later in 2013 I had my second bout with that distance in Madison, WI.

Since then I’ve been doing s couple shorter distance triathlons. I’ll likely do another long distance triathlon but need to make sure I Ironman Florida 11 11 6 Fb 40 Brad Running Goodhave the time available to properly train.

There are several things I like about doing triathlons. First is that there is a high correlation the amount of training and effort to performance on race day. I also like how varied the training is. Instead of just doing one discipline, it requires work in all three disciplines to be successful. It’s also love incorporating strength and core into the routine!

2013 WI Ironman Race day recap for my brother Brian and I!

2011 FL Ironman Race day recap here.  I also put a video compilation of the 6 of us below!


Ironman Awa Status Top 10 Percent

Nice letter from IRONMAN on All World Athlete status… and a luggage tag to boot!

Ironman Florida 11 11 7 A 25 Brad Maria And Quinn Post

Ironman Florida 11 11 7 Brad Pope Cross Finish Good

I put a sample of some training from T3 Training Systems below.


Sample TrainingPeaks from 2010