Fun Videos

There are 3 things you need to remember when riding a bull:

1) Hold On Tight
2) Use Your Knees
3) And If You Fall Off…RUN!!

Watch the video and see how Brad does at Bull Riding School.

What do you get when you combine a loose tooth and a Flingshot Flying Monkey?... Another stop for the tooth fairy. Check it out!

You've seen goats eat tin cans so surely they could take care of an overgrown backyard when the string trimmer was broken. A few minor issues to consider:

1) Getting to the goats from the farm to a suburban backyard
2) Making sure they only eat what they're supposed to eat
3) Getting goats back to the farm without the cops seeing them in the cab of the truck

Cab of the truck? You read right.

The Rim to Rim to Rim (R2R2R) hike back and forth across the Grand Canyon from is a 45 strenuous miles. On Sunday September 10th, 2006 Brad made the 22 hour trek (and took a video every few hours on the trail)

Brad uses takes his new Christmas gift (Thanks Yarkoskys!) out for a spin in the driveway?!?!

Popes vs a Tarantula

Life lesson: if you gamble incorrectly a spider won't attack you'd better get lucky on the flop.

Like the lake? Like to bike? Why not combine them with a ramp?

Popes Dock 2012

A lovely day for a Pillow Fighting competition on the lake at Popes Dock 2012

Surfing on Beaver Lake

Here is my attempt at "Lake Surfing"... and the corresponding wipe out.

2011 FL Ironman

Enjoy a unique race day recap - a compilation of race day video, pictures and audio of 6 athletes as they compete in an iron distance triathlon - 2.4Mi Swim, 112 Mi bike and a full marathon run.

The best pillow fighters in the world have been flocking to Kenwood, California for the last 40 years. Watch Jeff Purcell and Brad Pope work their way through several rounds towards the prized title of "Best Pillow Fighter in the WORLD." What a resume builder.

Popesdock in 2010 was a great event featuring two bike ramps and a water slide. Once again there was much fun and food on the lake. Of the dozens of jumps that took place here are a few of the crowd favorites.

PopesDock is a daylong event on Lake Windsor. Part of the celebration of course includes the bike ramp. Of the dozens of jumps that took place here are a few of the crowd favorites. Enjoy!

While logging some quiet family time, Kriste (my mom) noticed a silent visitor on top of the kitchen cabinets. In a flash, she returned with the proper mouse hunting gear. In the end, our little buddy opted to jump rather than face sure fire capture.

Breckenridge 2008

Brad: Here comes Maria...
Maria: (softly) You've got to get out of the way.
Maria: (with conviction) Seriously... GET OUT OF MY WAY!
... Impact

A mating call. A feeding call. A warning call. A retreat call. Did you know there were so many ways to call a duck? November 24th 2007, Jeff and Anne Millard flew over from California to drive with the Popes to Stuttgart's Annual World Duck Calling Competition.

New Year's eve 2005 on a romantic getaway weekend. Brad recommended that he and Maria make a toast to friends and family so it could be posted on the internet to share. Though Maria and Brad had never discussed getting hitched, halfway though the toast Brad popped the question. Have a look!

July 22, 2006. A perfect day to introduce Mr. and Mrs. Brad and Maria Pope.